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Utica College online RN to BSN program


Specializes in Ortho/Neuro/MedSurg.

Hi all, I just started this thread to hopefully hear from those who are familiar with the online RN to BSN program @ Utica College. I was recently accepted into the program and will start classes in Jan., but want to hear from anyone currently enrolled or any grads from the program. It seems like a very good program, the prices are reasonable, and there is no actual clinical component just "special projects." If anyone has :twocents: to throw in, please feel free to do so. Thanks in advance!!!!!!

There are no comments about this school, but their program seems very good. I am considering to apply, and hopefully start by mid next year.

Mariposa, please give us an update.


Specializes in med surg, nero, GI clinic, Internal Med. Has 5 years experience.

I am also very interested in Utica's RN to BSN. Could someone give me any input on the school?? I am comparing it to Chamberlain, UoP, and Drexel.



Also interested in this program. Hope someone is able to post about it.

I am starting RN to BSN in Utica College in August. How did was your experience with the college?