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Utica college FNP Summer 2020


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Hello, Is anyone going to be starting Utica College in Summer 2020?

For those already attending, how are the classes formatted? I was accepted but decided not to attend until the Summer session, to gain some more insight on the program.

I know about the accreditation issue, I looked into that and it seems they will be accredited, they have a appointment in September 2020. They have other programs accredited by CCNE, and have members that sit on the board.

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Hi Mrsclarex4,

I am starting the Utica FNP May 12th. I was a bit nervous about the accreditation, but it seems like it will work out. Online program options were limited in my area, so I chose this program. Your post is a bit older so maybe you have already spoken to your success coach to get more feedback. She answered alot of my questions and gave me information on who to contact for anything she couldn't answer.

Good Luck

Hi! I’m also starting the FNP program in August 2020. Did you guys hear any new information Or know anyone currently in the program?