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UTHSCSA MSN Program Fall 15


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Hey all,

Just posting a quick thread to see if anyone has heard from UTHSCSA on MSN acceptance letters? I was told that we would hear today, but now it's looking like Monday. Is anyone as anxious as I am? lol.

I also applied to UTMB and haven't heard from them at ALL. I know of a few people who have already been accepted but are there any people out there waiting to hear on acceptance? I'm just over the whole waiting thing. It seems like forever!!


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Hey! Have you heard anything? I heard that I was accepted into the Acute Care NP program a couple weeks ago!

Addy88, BSN

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I just graduated in May with my ADN and I wanted to apply to the ADN-MSN program but was told that they will no longer be offering that program. Looks like I'll have to do a BSN program first, my questions is this: I won't finish till may 2018 and the deadline is feb 1, will they still let me apply and possibly give me a contingent acceptance? Does anyone know?