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UTHSC Summer 2012 accelerated program


Hey!! I'm applying to this program...this thread is for others who are applying to post information, discussions, etc...:)

My UTlink is not showing Summer 2012 as an option, so I can't see my application...anyone else with this problem??

I was looking at katybusymom's thread about Spring 2012...

There are people getting rejected with amazing scores??? Seems totally random!

also...I got an email saying we shouldn't use utlink but this address:


^ that website doesn't work for me....anyone else have this problem?

am I really the only one on here applying to this program...I haven't seen anyone else???

I am applying for the accelerated. I have logged on to the new website but it doesn't have much information on it. I took My HESI back on Oct 28th and the scores are still not posted

I called they said they post the scores on Nov. 30

I figured it would be something like that. I don't see my GPA's on the new website. Do you?

yes i do see them

I made a mistake....on the new website I don't see anything...none of my scores, etc...

on the utlink website I used to be able to see my scores, but now I can't even access summer 2012 application??:confused:

They must be transitioning over to the new website. I check daily to see if they have up-dated anything...they haven't. Then I check the old one and things are disappearing. I am thinking once they get through the acceptance stage for Spring 2012 they will start up-dating. Not really of much importance other than I just like to see everything. It is our turn to start the waiting game.

Well I called and they said that they won't send out the acceptance letters until april, so we will be waiting awhile:yawn:

April? Wow. That is quite a wait. Any idea how many opening there are for the accelerated? I have gone ahead and applied at two other schools for backup after watching really great stats get turned down for the Spring semester at UTHSC.

What other schools have accelerated programs that start in May??

Zero. But I applied for regular programs that start in the Fall.

I applied as well. April is indeed a very long wait! My last pre-req to take is philosophy and I have registered to take it in the spring, just in case I am accepted.

I'm taking pols 2 and a psychology class in the spring too.

Hi everyone! Im new to this thread and applying to this program. Wow April! It's going to be a long wait! Does anyone know the average GPA that is accepted to the Accelerated BSN Program. Also, is your B.S. area of study taken into consideration? Thanks!