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how is the UTHSC pacesetter program?

agood753 agood753 (New) New

This is a question for anyone currently in or went through the UTHSC pacesetter BSN program. I am looking to apply there soon so I wanted some real feedback after reading over the program details on the site. I dont know anyone who is in it to ask so i figured here would be the ideal place :)

Any information/opinion on the program would be great!

For example:

- how big was your class size when you were admitted

- how difficult the 4 semester option is (compared to other programs which take a longer time so I assume are more spread out?)

- how many online classes you took (and how these compare to traditional classes)

- how helpful the professors are

- how stressful the pacesetter program is

- how good the profs are

- where you lived to commute to the medical center

or any other general recommendations or feedback!



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