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Hello! I just applied to the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston for the BSN-DNP in anesthesia summer 2015 start. Anyone else??

I applied also. Patiently waiting! Surely there's more people out there...

Exactly! I wonder when were going to hear back! There have to be others out there :) good luck!

Allnurses actually changed the name of the other website I posted back to allnurses. Apparently they don't want us using any other resources that are more specific to our goals...

Search the web for nurse-anesthesia and you'll find the forums I'm talking about.

Have y'all checked email? UT sent out invites around 8.

I actually see a forum where someone said they got an invite! Did you already receive one too? Are you checking your regular email that you gave them? Thanks!

I did get an email for an interview invite. It was sent at 7:57pm. Check junk mail? It came to the email I provided on my application.

How exciting congrats! I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and hope they send out some more invitations tomorrow :)

I'm in!! Check your emails!

I've been accepted as well!! So exciting!

Wow congrats!! I clearly never got an invitation for the interview however I will be reapplying for next year. If you don't mind me asking how was your gpa, gre scores, work experience etc... What kind of questions did they ask in the interview?

thanks and congratulations again! :)

I am so excited I was accepted..... I look forward to meeting everyone.... I know some classes start a Facebook page to make it easier to communicate is anyone interested in that?

I'd definitely be interested in a Facebook page.

Great check out UTHSC SRNA class of 2018 on Facebook. ... I have never started one of these so let me know if you can find it...

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I can't find the group.

It pops up when I search for groups.... UTHSC SRNA but I will message you. ..

It pops up when I search UTHSC SRNA... in the groups search. ... I tried to message you but the website doesn't let me send messages.