Work as a MA

  1. Same old story.

    New grad (well, not really, graduated 3 years ago, moved out of the country, and now we're back.)

    No experience.

    Can't find a job.

    I've skimmed the Nurse Practice Act for Utah, but I can't really find the answer to the question...

    Can I work as Medical Assistant even though I'm a Registered Nurse? Obviously, there is a huge pay difference between an RN salary and an MA salary. BUT, if I can't find a job as a RN, that equals $0 dollars an hour. And I see lots of full-time MA openings at local doctors offices. I know that there is a MA certificate, so can I even apply for one of those jobs being an RN? I realize this is an HR question, but I can't get a human resources person to give me a straight answer. I've talked to various HR people all they say is "keep applying" and "hang in there" and I'm like 'YOU AREN'T ANSWERING MY QUESTION!!" Sorry, you can probably sense my frustration. All my buddies that I graduated nursing school with found jobs lickety-split in the field they wanted (OR, ER, L&D) and now, here I am ready to pull my hair out because I can't find a job.
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