Women's DNP/Nurse Midwife Program at UofU

  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone was in this program, had been, or know anyone who is/has? I have been curious about applying to it next year but want to know how difficult it is. Maybe comparing it to your RN program.
    Did you like the program? How great of a program you think it is?
    Was it manageable with day to day, working full time?
    Were the teachers helpful or out to get you?
    Was the teaching content really difficult or hard to understand?
    Sorry these may be some "duh" questions but I just want to know if I am up for the challenge because my unborn child will be turning 1 around that time. But anything you can tell me will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!

    Some background of me to wonder if I could manage... I'm an RN on a maternal newborn floor and will have 1.5- 2 years of experience by the time I start the program.
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