Utah licensure by endorsement

  1. Have a couple of questions regarding Utah licensure by endorsement that I hope someone can help with.

    The form appears to state that all applicants must submit fingerprints (2 sets). The instructions go on to state that Utah residents can have the fingerprinting done at a DOPL office and that "if you are unable to obtain fingerprints at DOPL's office, [applicants] must include 2 blue fingerprint cards (FB-258) with your application." I assume that this means completed FB-258 forms (available online) but the question is where can I get this done? I've had my prints taken many times in the past (during my military service, for security clearances, when I worked in law enforcement and for firearms permits), but all of those were done at/by the agency requiring the fingerprints.

    I also have a question about primary state of residence. The form states that this is "the state of your declared, fixed and permanent principle home for legal purposes." Right now this is PA but this would change based on my employment (which I hope to be in Utah). Any insight as to how to answer this one?
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  3. by   chare
    You should be able to get fingerprinted at your local police/sheriff department.

    Regarding primary state of residency, you should list PA if that's where you currently reside.
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