Roseman 2018

  1. Anyone applying for 2018? I'm trying to get in for July's ASBN program. I want to know how many students are getting hired within 6 months of graduation in departments like ER, ICU, med-surg, l&d, etc. Not nursing homes. I think it looks like a good program, their NCLEX passing rate is really high for first time around. The price tag is the only thing holding me back!! Has anyone interviewed there?
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  3. by   Nursingk8
    I don't have any helpful information, but I'm thinking of applying for July start date also. Have you taken the TEAS yet? Are you applying for Henderson or South Jordan?
  4. by   paisling
    Feb 2018 just wrapped up applications, some discussion here that might be helpful to you guys: Roseman University ABSN Spring 2018