Primary Children's Hospital Nurse Residency June 2017

  1. Has anyone heard back from the Pediatric Nurse Residency program at Primary Children's Hospital for the June 2017 cohort? I was accepted to the PICU and I'll be relocating from CA!
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  3. by   katejaqueline23
    Hey! I will also be relocating from florida Where are you from in CA?
  4. by   theflyingnurse
    I'll be relocating from Montana to work in the float pool!
  5. by   carouselrides
    I'm from the Bay Area! What unit will you be on? Here is the link to the Facebook group if you're interested: Log into Facebook | Facebook
  6. by   carouselrides
    That's so exciting! I have a friend of a friend who will also be in the float pool. She started a facebook group if you wanted to join!
  7. by   katejaqueline23
    Great, I think I found the facebook page. I'll be on the children's surgical floor
  8. by   theflyingnurse
    Awesome!! Thank you!