Nursing Management-Questions.

  1. Hello, I am a nursing student in Utah and am researching nursing managment issues. This is an Informal interview and I would like 5-6 nurse managers to reply. If you could tell me:

    • A description of the organization's mission and services offered (ex. nursing care, social services, support).
      • What makes your facility stand out from the others?
    2. How would you describe your management style?
    3. Background of manager- degree, areas worked, do they work on the floor.
      • Nurse to Patient ratio
      • Turn over (nurse)
      • How long is average pt stay?
      • How many beds?
      • How large is your staff?
      • Headquarter (parent company)
      • Does the company promote within?
      • Scheduling (How is it done? Just a brief overview os scheduling is fine)
      • Organizations for new grads (mentor, residency, etc).
    4. What challenges are they facing as a manager, nurse, department they are in?

    5. A description of a management problem that is currently being addressed in the organization
    6. Proposed solution for the management problem

    Please respond soon. You may leave your name out, however, I will need to research organizational structure of the hospital/ facility that you work in, so if you could include the name of the hospital/facility, I would appreciate it.
    Thank you for your time.
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