Nightingale College?

  1. Hi, I just wanted to know how many people here are in Nightingale College in Ogden, Utah? Or any graduates? How is it like?
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  3. by   feli777
    Did you end up getting any useful information on Nightingale? I am asking because I am currently looking into attending the school and making a big move from California. I noticed you mentioned the same so thought I would reach out. Any info would help! Thanks
  4. by   Snemati34
    I believe California has a location also. Check Northern California.
  5. by   Snemati34
    Are you attending this school ?
  6. by   heatherisbetter
    PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS SCHOOL. The pass rate is terrible, I know students who have taken NCLEX over 5 times and still not passed...