moving from new mexico to utah

  1. I am 53 yrs old, moving from NM to possibly the Cedar City area. Does anyone know what Intermountain Health pay scale range is for an AD nurse with ICU and ER experience? We are a 1-income family for now, so are trying to see if pay is comparable.
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  3. by   UTresearcher
    It probably depends on how many years of experience you have. IHC dominates the Utah hospital scene, it's almost a monopoly unfortunately (and is in southern Utah for sure) so they can pay less which stinks for nurses. For brand new nurses with a BSN they start pay at 20.50 an hour. With experience you might be able to negotiate an extra five or seven bucks an hour if you are lucky.
  4. by   UTresearcher
    I forgot to mention, thanks to the lovely economy IHC also recently stopped matching their employees' 401 K accounts. Wahoo!!!
  5. by   lhasa1956
    Thanks for the helpful reply. We will probably take that into consideration.

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