How competitive is admissions to the University of Utah's BSN program?

  1. I am about to finish all ten prerequisites courses required for the UofU's BSN program and plan to apply in January 2012. I would much rather do a BSN program than just an RN program. I will also apply to Westminster, but I have my heart really set on the UofU. Does anyone have any information on how competitive admissions are? Or Westminster's BSN program for that matter?

    I do not currently work in healthcare. Neither of these programs require a CNA, but would getting one increase my chances of admittance?

    (my prereq GPA is ~3.6, and I took Anatomy twice)

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  3. by   ariel285
    I know its been several years since you posted this question, but I'm in the exact same situation as you were. Did you end up getting accepted? Is there any advice you'd share looking back?