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  1. Hello to everyone!

    I have this very important question and I hope anybody can help me answer my question. I'm an RN for 2 yrs now, we live in FL and I'm looking up for endorsement reqs in Utah since we are thinking of moving there. The thing is I'm a foreign nurse. When I applied for the licensure, I used other evaluation company not CGFNS. When I look up Utah Board of Nursing, it says that I have to submit a CGFNS Certificate and CES Professional report. Now here's my question, is the CGFNS Certificate the exam or it's just the evaluation thing. I plan to contact CGFNS to clarify this too. I hope I hear from anybody. Thank you so much!
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  3. by   AlishawRN
    Hello Pink&Gray,

    I am in a situation similar to yours. I am a foreign educated nurse who just moved to SLC, Utah from Canada. I am trying to get my Utah nursing license and have already purchased the CES and CGFNS certificate program. Wondering if you have any advice?