Any updates on hiring climate in UT and SL county?

  1. Just curious if anyone has any new updates on what the hiring situation is for new grads lately in Utah or Salt Lake county? I won't graduate till next May, but it would nice to know what's going on now so I can prepare myself for it. I know I can ask my instructors classmates when the semester starts, but I like to get as many point of views as possible.

    Also, in the spring we had 2 HR directors visit our school and have a Q&A for the students about getting hired as a new grad. I couldn't attend, but I was told someone asked if working part times as an aide or PCT increased a new grad's chances for finding a full time RN position. Their feelings were that it did not, since those who were hired on a part time basis were "pigeon-holed" into part time work and not usually transferred to full time positions. This really surprised me and didn't make a lot of sense. Anyone involved in the hiring process able to comment on this? I could see how this would be a problem if you were wanting to work at the same hospital, but if you were applying elsewhere, it shouldn't matter as much, yes?

    Anyways, anyone who wishes to comment, I would really appreciate it!
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  3. by   MagsMom
    I think it depends. It seems that nearly everyone graduating out of the U find jobs immediately which is why I think it is difficult for an "outsider" to get hired on at the U hospital unless you have some unique skill.

    I also was visiting a friend who was a patient at the new hospital and her nurse was a new grad from stevens-henegar (sp??).

    I don't know if I agree with being pigeon holed to part time, I think it would be good to get your foot in the door.

    I don't know anything about Utah County
    The job market for new graduates in the Salt Lake area and Utah County is very tight like every where else with a large number of nursing schools. I moved here in April and just now landed a job in Utah county. I graduated from RN school last August. I would definitely recommend getting a job as a CNA in a hospital to get your foot in the door. But in this current climate it will not guarantee a position upon graduation. My advice is to save some money for your job search and be prepared for a very compitetive enviroment which is getting worse month by month because of the fast growing pool of new graduate nurses who are not employed. I have noted that BSN new graduated are getting hired more quickly then ADN graduates.
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    Thanks for the responses! Doesn't sound like things are improving at all just yet. I just accepted a position today as a PCA so hopefully that will help me when I graduate. If nothing else I should gain some vaulable experience and I really just enjoy working anyways.