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UTA: What were both your GPAs when you were accepted for the on-campus program?

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Hello all!

I'd very much appreciate your input as I'm having a (tiny) panic attack about whether I'll be accepted into the nursing program at University of Texas at Arlington or not. Any forums on here are dated a few years back and I figured an updated forum would be nice for anyone wondering. I've gone to see my adviser and she's told me my GPA is considered competitive but that the pool of applicants vary from year to year as far as what is and isn't accepted. This is very concerning since I was planning to retake Chemistry during the wintermester to bring my grade up. Unfortunately the wintermester passes the application due date and my increased grade will not be considered in the GPA.

Here is what my GPA will be if all goes well when I apply (without the Chemistry Redo):

Science: 3.75

Overall: 3.67

And with the Chemistry redo in case I don't make it (with nursing prerequisites I'll have taken):

Science :4.0


Calm the nerves of a worried student or prepare me for the worst!

Thank you all ahead of time for the replies! :woot:

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