Uta ap bsn fall 2013 - clinical sites


I'm starting this thread for those of us who have gotten our acceptance letter to UTA for the AP BSN program. I received a phone call today stating that my clinical site would be Brazosport Regional Health System in Lake Jackson. I'm extremely happy that I was accepted and assigned clinicals. However, here is the kicker.... I LIVE IN AUSTIN. Lake Jackson is about 3 hours away from me. My current plan - provided everything is perfect - is to travel on the day before clinicals, and get a hotel room for that night and the night of the first clinical day, and come home after clinicals on the second day. I've read other posts about skills testing and proctored testing being done at the clinical site - does anyone know if this is done during our clinicals or on a different day? Also, if there is anyone from Austin that was assigned this clinical site, I'd like to hear from your point of view also...



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Hi How is school going for you now? I'm interested in applying for the program and was wondering if you can provide some insight please.