UT Tyler's Dual Masters' Program: MBA/MSN


I just got accepted to UT Tyler's Dual Masters' MBA/MSN program for Fall 2018!!

I will be a first year graduate student.

I have questions for those nurses juggling work and grad school:

-aside from paying out of pocket, have you signed up for scholarships, if so where?

-what can I expect?

-what should I review?

-how did you afford your books?

-what are my necessary school supplies I should consider purchasing in preparation for august?

-how do you organize your school time, work time, and personal time?

-additional advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated

Thank you!!


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Can you tell me what all you had in your application like (experience, education, experience) when you applied. I am about to apply for next year and was wondering what your application look like to gauge my acceptance!