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UT El Paso FNP Fall 2016

Specializes in OR Nursing, Critical Care, Med-surg. Has 4 years experience.

I did not know that UT El Paso FNP had a Fall 2016 Cohort. When did this happen? The last time I checked - they were only admitting for the Spring 2017.

I think they made this change at the last minute. I submitted my application for Spring 2017 and when I found out they were having a Fall class I switched my application.

Has anyone else been accepted for the Fall 2016 at UTEP?

Yes, I have been accepted for Fall 2016 for Acute Care. Will you be attending orientation?

hey so are you attending UTEP acute care program? also what happened with UTHSC houston?

Yes I am, decided on UTEP for the online platform

thats awesome, I just admitted to start in the spring for acnp online program. I know the semester just started but please let me know how you like it so far through out.

My daughter is considering transferring to UTEP and then applying for the nursing program. Can anyone share experiences, good, bad or other? Thanks!


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