UT Austin Alternative MSN? What are the odds.

by kidfromthe90s kidfromthe90s (New) New Student

Happy Saturday everyone.

I noticed a lack of posts regarding information about the AE-MSN program at UT Austin, and with questions in mind, I thought I'd jump right in : )

So I am planning to apply in the fall of 2020, however, after doing a bit of research and getting in touch with faculty from admins, I quickly realized that I may not even have a shot at getting in lol!

Seriously, I initially read on their website that your GPA needs to be at least a 3.0, so with my 3.76 from UH, I felt pretty confident, until Tracy kindly sent me some stats and I learned that the average GPA from PMHNP-applicants was a 3.8! Add their near perfect-GRE-scores, and the fact that many have been groomed to be academically formidable students from early on, and I can't help but feel like my odds are slim to none.

Has anyone one here been accepted to their PMHNP program and if so, what do you suggest I do?

Besides my "eh" GPA (and nonexistent GRE score), does anyone have any advice? I come from a banking background and plan to work as a behavioral tech starting Jan. By the time of applying, I'll have 7 months of experience working in healthcare, and 1.5yrs of experience by the time the MSN program begins in summer of 2021, all things considered.

Feel free to drop that knowledge!