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USC Spring 2021 online NP Program

by Ashleylm Ashleylm, BSN (New) New Nurse Student

Specializes in Critical Care/PACU.

Hey guys! I wanted to start a thread of people who got accepted into University of Southern California's online FNP program. Also please weigh in with advice/ tips if you are a current student!

I can give you some tips as someone who has been through the program. I would contact USC staff directly for your questions and issues. Under no circumstances should you involve those employed under 2U, the clinical coordinators or student ambassadors. 2U is an outside company which USC has hired to manage/find clinical sites and orient students. This company has given unauthorized/wrong information to students about the program because they do not know the schools policies directly. USC has since clarified to students that they contract outside companies to manage major aspects of the program, they are not a resource for students but have specific tasks for which they are hired for. Good luck to everyone who has chosen to pursue their FNP!