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USA BSN to DNP Program 2014


Heyy guys!! I've been accepted into the University of South Alabama's BSN to DNP Program (ER Track). I was wondering how the classes were for past students. Any tips and suggestions? I only see information posts from 2011! Updates please!


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I'm in the RNw/BS-MSN NP (adult primary care) but some of the basic classes are the same...(we were told for one of the classes that it would count for the doctoral degree if we decided to pursue it).

My biggest piece of advice that either no one told us during orientation (which is very thorough) or that I just didn't remember: Check the booklist against your proposed program schedule before you sell books back!! I sold back at least 2 books that I will need again :( I remedied it cheaply by buying an older edition and as far as I can tell, there were no major differences. And we only had one chapter in that particular text assigned for the whole semester.

If you have other questions, just ask.