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US nursing student trying to get more information about nursing in Australia!!!

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I am currently a nursing student, getting a BSN-RN, in Colorado. I have always wanted to work in Australia. Is there anyway they accept student right out of school? Or would I have to have experience before applying to be a RN there. Does the salary change if I studies in the U.S? Would studying in Australia and getting it done there be a better option?


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The short answer is no. You would need experience first.


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Yes, AHRA will register new graduates, trouble is getting work rights, unless you can get a holiday working visa- under 30, you will not qualify for any other visa. Job wise, Australian new graduates cannot get work, so nof sure who would take you on, as you (and do not takd offence) not offer the Australuan community anything different to what is found here in the way of nursing. Agencies are not supposed to take on new graduates as well as hospital nurse banks.

My advice stay were you ae get a job in a thearte suite in a hospital get as much experience as yiu can in two years if the situation dtays the same you will get a job anywhere.