US Nurse Applying to Jobs in Scotland

by taylerj36 taylerj36 (New) New Nurse

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I am a US nurse waiting to receive my NMC pin number. I am looking to work as a nurse in Scotland (to be with my boyfriend). I have read that some US nurses and other international nurses have used agencies to find jobs at UK hospitals. I have not yet started the application process yet, due to not having my NMC pin yet. How hard is it to apply to a hospital without using an agency? I was under the impression that I would not need to utilize an agency to find a job. If using an agency is encouraged, what agencies do you suggest? 

Thanks in advance!!

GrumpyRN, NP

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If you have a PIN and providing you are otherwise legal to work in the UK you can arrange your own jobs as far as I am aware. Find the hospital in the area you are going to be living in and apply for any vacancies.

Good luck and welcome to Scotland.