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US Cardiologist Admits to Ordering $19 Million in Unnecessary Testing


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US Cardiologist Admits to Ordering $19 Million in Unnecessary Testing

PATERSON, NJ-A New York area-based cardiologist has confessed to ordering unnecessary tests and procedures on patients to the tune of $19 million[1]. Dr Jose Katz, the owner and chief executive officer of Cardio-Med Services and Comprehensive Healthcare and Medical Services, admitted to ordering diagnostic tests regardless of patient symptoms and falsely diagnosing a majority of his patients with angina to justify

The Record, a New Jersey newspaper, reports that Katz also admitted that he allowed unlicensed practitioners to treat and diagnose patients, including Mario Roncal, who obtained a medical degree in Puerto Rico but was never licensed to practice any US state. Katz also kept his wife on the payroll to make her eligible for Social Security benefits even though she did little or no work.

The government accused Katz of operating a "medical mill," where he ordered the same series of diagnostic tests on his patients, directed other employees or other physicians at his companies to perform the unnecessary tests, and falsely diagnosed a majority of his patients with angina. Katz even billed Medicare and Medicaid $15 million for enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP) for the treatment of angina, something his attorney admitted was unnecessary.