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both the house and senate are moving forward to finalize their funding proposals for nursing education, recruitment, and retention - including the programs established in the nurse reinvestment act. the bill that has passed the house of representatives (h.r. 2660) and the senate committee bill (s. 1356) contain flat funding ($0 increase) for these programs. with such inadequate funding, the benefits of the nurse reinvestment act will never be realized.

fortunately, senators susan collins (r-me) and barbara mikulski (d-md) will offer an amendment on the senate floor to increase funding for nursing education by $63 million. please contact your senators to urge them to support the collins/mikulski amendment. tell them that congress must complete the promise of the nurse reinvestment act.

do not delay; the senate will begin debate on the health funding bill on september 2. call or email your senators today. the number for the congressional switchboard is (202) 224-3121.

message to senate:

i urge you to support the collins/mikulski amendment that will provide a $63 million increase in fiscal year 2004 funding for nursing workforce development programs (title viii, public health service act) in the health appropriations bill. this is the minimal investment needed to fulfill the promise of the nurse reinvestment act and address the growing crisis caused by the nursing shortage.

for more information:

background paper on nurse education act funding



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Thank you!

My 3 have been sent e- mail & snail mail letters.

Daisy Marie

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Thank you so much for taking the time to pass this information on!

I will call now.

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