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Upenn vs Drexel Acute PNP

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Hello! I'm currently a peds RN in Philadelphia. I've been researching programs and shadowing NP roles the past year and finally have decided that acute care PNP is what I want to do. The two programs that Ive been looking into are UPenn and Drexel. I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on either program. The big differences that I've noted in my research is: cost (Upenn being much more expensive), Drexel is primarily online, admissions timelines, and Upenn finds preceptors for you. I was wondering if anyone who is currently in either program or already graduated could highlight your experience (instructors, difficulty, balancing work/school, finding a job). My biggest concerns are how a completely online NP program would be, and if the reputation of Upenn is worth the money but any further information on either program would help. Thank you!

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