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UPDATE... I had the panel interview yesterday

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So, I posted earlier this week asking what the pros/cons were of being salaried vs. hourly.... 

Anyway, I had the panel interview yesterday. It went well. VERY well. I think I would LOVE it actually. The manager was very nice and I can tell she is the mentoring type. She is such a pleasant woman. She gave me the biggest hug when I left. 
The position is for a High Risk OB CM for Medicaid MCO ( I think that’s right). I currently and always have worked in OB, and I feel that this position would add to my skill set as well as bring some insight to the CM side. At the same time exploring a new field in which I know very little about, so I would enjoy learning , mastering and growing in the new area of nursing.... 

the best part is that I will get to WFH about 50% of the time!  Woo HOO!!  Can anyone share some insight as to what I could expect working from home as a CM? 

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