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Uofm Loewenberg Spring21

by kmarie_ kmarie_ (New) New Student

Hi all! 

I wanted to start a discussion for uofm Loewenberg Spring 21 applicants. I have heard that letters will be sent out October 23rd! I have all my pre reqs completed and will be graduating with Health Sciences this December. This will be my second time applying so I am hopeful I will get accepted this time around! I applied to LCON memphis and lambuth campus. I know the program is highly competitive but I am not discouraged!

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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Hi! I’ve also heard that about the acceptance letters. I wish you the best of luck as this is also my second time applying. I have my prerequisites finished as well. Happy someone started a discussion 😊

Also, Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

Hi! Have you received any news yet? I haven't gotten anything yet.