unofficial nclex results

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can anyone tell me how long after accessing their "unofficial" nclex results did it take for it to then appear on the BON(board of nursing) they wrote for. And, if you do not pay for this "unofficial" results does it still appear on the BON. I am not clear on this.

thank you.

suzanne4, RN

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All depends on which state that you wrote the NCLEX for.......

The unofficial results are available on the Pearson-Vue website for a fee of $7.95 and onlt for the states that are part of this program. Not all states participate in this, one being California.

This has nothing to do with the posting on the state's BON website. And again it is up to the state as to when they will post. Some will actually post within 24 hours, and others can take several weeks. Without knowing the state, it is impossible to give you more of an answer.

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