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UNM Nursing Program (REAPPLY)

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I recently applied for the Nursing Program at UNM for fall 2016, and unfortunately, I did not get accepted.

I have a 3.71 GPA and I got an 85.67 on the HESI (pretty low for a UNM applicant).

I'm planning on reapplying this fall and hopefully be accepted for spring 2016. I will be retaking a couple of classes that I received a B in this summer in order to get an A. If all goes well, I'll have a 4.0 GPA with an 85.67 (I've already taken the HESI twice).

What do you think my chances of getting into UNM's CON for fall 2016?

Thank you

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Welcome to AN. UNM? University of New Mexico? You will get better responses

[COLOR=#000000]if you: A) identify the city or state school is located & post under Students & locate the School/Programs. or Try under U.S. then locate the state.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000]Since each school/program has individual criteria for admission, it is unlikely any of us on here can tell you what your chances are.

Are you only applying to this one school? You can increase your chances by applying to other programs such as community colleges.[/COLOR]

Ok so here is the deal. From what I know and have been told, your HESI a2 score is super important! I was accepted into UNM College of Nursing for this Fall 2016. I had a 3.6 GPA and got a 94% on the HESI a2 ( you need a minimum 90% for them to consider you at ALL). I only took it one time. This test is worth 50% of your total points for acceptance. So it is super important to score well. The other 40% is your GPA ( you need a 3.5 or higher for them to even consider you) So you have this covered already. and 10 % of your 100 total points is being a New Mexico resident. Work harder to score better on that HESI! Your almost there!!!

If you don't mind me asking, was that your overall GPA at UNM or just your GPA for the required classes in semester one and two?

My overall University GPA was 3.03. I had a 3.65 GPA in the required pre-reqs. I actually had all 3 semesters of pre-reqs finished before I applied ( instead of just taking the first 2, applying and taking my 3rd semester while waiting to be accepted)

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Oh ok awesome! I know they say they don't factor in your regular GPA but I was worried that they did. I know a few students who has high GPA's and scores and still didn't get in, but others who had lower scores/GPA's did get in. So it looks like there has to be some other factor.

Your GPA as it stands in your post is well above my pre-req GPA. So you have that! You just gotta score better than a 90 on that HES!! Score as high as you can. I think the highest score I have seen or heard of on the Hesi was a 96% at UNM. I scored a 94% so I think that's what helped me a lot ( maybe not so much my pre-req GPA cause this person that scored the 96% was a 4.2 GPA!!!!) I was super discouraged when I heard this but obviously it didn't hurt me too much. I got accepted the first time I applied. I also have all the other core classes done ( that are required for UNM and CON) and just need the actual nursing courses to complete the degree. So instead of taking 15-16 credit hours each semester I only have to take 12 each semester!

Oh ok awesome! I know they say they don't factor in your regular GPA but I was worried that they did. I know a few students who has high GPA's and scores and still didn't get in, but others who had lower scores/GPA's did get in. So it looks like there has to be some other factor.

I didn't realize you weren't the original poster! Sorry!!! What was your pre-req GPA? and your hesi score? Did you apply already? and see my previous post ( that was directed to you but with the thought you were the original poster)! i am so horrible with these forums!

Haha thats ok I was a bit confused about how you knew my GPA. But I'm taking summer courses right now, I should have a 3.7 once I'm done. Unfortunately CNM doens't give A+'s or it would be higher :( And I got a 94 on my HESI. I'm going to try and get a higher score on the second attempt. I'm applying this semester for the spring. My regular UNM GPA on the other hand is not very good so I'm worried they will think I wont be successful in their program.

Well honestly you should be good to go.. I don't think they take University GPA into account at all! CON only looks a your pre-req GPA for the nursing program. That's what the CON advisor told me ( I asked! ) cause my university GPA isn't very competitive either. GREAT score on the HESI!!! Just keep in mind if you retake the HESI they use that score and not your previous one ( if your previous was higher) They take the most recent score. So be careful at retaking it. I have seen others try to retake it and not do quite as well cause the questions are randomized and may be completely different. Not trying to sway you but just keep that in mind. Good luck with everything and if you need any help just let me know!

That's what he had told me too I just wanted to make sure. And ok that was another thing I was confused about. Some people told me they did take the second score and others said they took your highest score. I got 100's and high 90's on the sections except for Grammar. I got an 88 so that brought me down a lot. I was hoping with some studying I would be able to get a high 90 but now I don't know if I should risk it. Did an adviser or student tell you that?

I also scored an 88 in grammar and that's why I ended up with a 94% too!! I asked the CON advisor and she stated that they take the most recent score. I also asked the testing center person as well, and she stated the same. I wasn't willing to chance it with a good score I had. You can always contact your advisor for the program just to verify. I know for sure they take your most recent score! it was also stated in the HESI information paper we were given.

I hate grammar now haha, but ok I'll probably just be content with my 94. Thank you for all the quick replies!

Also look into the possible different criteria if you are applying through CNM! I know they only accept like 16 students from CNM dual degree program. So they have to be way more competitive in criteria. If your applying directly through UNM than I think you have a pretty good chance! Keep in mind it all depends on the applicants GPA's and their hesi scores for each application cycle too. So it depends on how competitive the overall applicants stats are compared to yours so it can change with each cycle. Maybe I didn't have really high GPAs to compete against but I know my Hesi score was very competitive.(as yours is too!) and your welcome!!! Good luck! And let me know how things turn out for you!

Hey guys,

I don't know if you'll read this or not since this thread hasn't been active in a while, but I wanted to give my input as a current UNM CON student.

1. The highest HESI is counted. I took mine and received an 89.67, took it again trying to get over a 90 and quit mid test because I already started scoring lower than the first time.

2. Have you tried CNM? I would

3. If you're dead set on UNM, you will need a higher hesi score. Everyone in my cohort had upper 80s to mid 90s.

4. Only certain prerequisite are used to calculate your GPA, and a list can be found on their website.

5. Goodluck!

Thanks for posting! If you don't mind sharing, when did you get into the program? Also what was your GPA? The only problem with CNM is they want you to have anatomy II completed so I would have to wait another semester to apply. And I'm assuming your third statement was not directed towards me? I have a 94% HESI so Im hoping that's high enough!

I started this spring, I am finishing my second level. My GPA was a 4.0 for the prerequisites. A 94 on the hesi will be high enough for you.. good job!!. The a and p2 was the reason why I didn't go to CNM, but I honestly wish I had taken a and p 2 and patho 2, before nursing classes. Have you heard about the exam/class grade average you need in the nursing classes?

Good luck!