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UNLV '15 fall nursing applicants



Just joined this site and haven't seen a thread for UNLV fall. I am applying, and am currently in my last pre-req class and so far have 89.24 points. I have also applied to Roseman.

Hi! I'm also applying for fall 2015. I'm at right around 90.4, but am retaking the HESI 6/6. I'm excited and nervous!

I'm applying for this fall as well! Good luck to everyone!

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Hey!! My signing session is on Friday! Excited, but nervous. I have 90.2 points and I have heard a few people got accepted last semester with 88 points. I was going to retake the HESI as well, but am going to try with just the 90.2. My HESI score was an 86.

Awesome! I hope everything works out for all of us! Yeah I think the cut off for summer was under 90 :)