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University of Wyoming clinicals

For anyone who has gone through University of Wyoming's RN-BSN online program, have you had any problems finding clinical sites??

I live in Toledo, Ohio and have had an awful time finding anywhere around here. We have several nursing schools in the area and many of the community health agencies are not taking any more clinical students because of prior committments with area schools.

I know there are a few of you who live in my area who were attending the program. Where did you do your clinicals? I'd even be willing to travel a couple hours if it means I could find a clinical location.



hi everyone.... i graduate from lpn program next month and had a few questions....can someone tell me how long the credits u already have are good for?? i have taken the majority of prereq but it was over 5 yrs ago?? i am very interested and excited in hearing that i may actually be able to get my rn completly online :balloons: :balloons:

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