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I really want to go to UTHS for the fall of 2015. but I may need to take electives, I am going to try to meet with them Friday. I took Spanish for dual credit in high school, so I am hoping that counts.

* Does anybody know if I need to be done with everything (classes)by the time of the deadline or be done with them by the start of the fall?

I already left them an email they haven't responded yet though. Also I haven't taken the Hesi A2 exam yet, I would like to know how is it and what I can expect. I finished A+P 1 and 2 this past summer. I am nervous because I know its competitive and I really want to get in.

Thanks guys! :yes:

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You need to be done with everything by the time of the fall or which ever semester it is you get accepted to. However you do have to have 40 hours completed when you apply and 8 of those 40 hours have to from science pre reqs. They have lots more information on their website, it is really helpful and the people there are nice, so you can also give them a call if you'd like. I know this because I too want to get into this school so I have been doing my research. Good luck!

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