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  1. Has anyone been accepted into the online nursing program at UT Arlington with a 3.0 GPA in Science? I'm just wondering if I even have a chance of getting in with that GPA. I would seriously hate to retake any of my sciences. I'm hoping to apply in Jan 2018.
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  3. by   Soon2bNurseKay
    I would definitely retake one of them. For fall 2017, a good friend of mine was called off the waitlist a couple days before orientation and she had a 3.75 science. That shows you how competitive it is to have a high science GPA. It's defintely worth it.
  4. by   KeeKeePee
    This is so discouraging. I have retaken every single one of my science courses because they all expired and some were not accepted since I had previously taken them in California. Of course UTA changed their policy and now they don't have an expiration date on the sciences. I have been in school for what it seems like forever. I'm beginning to think I need to find a different career. Thank you for responding.
  5. by   USN08
    Thats exactly how I feel right now. I have had to retake courses because they were not "for nursing"