Pathophysiology and Pharmacology

  1. Good day,

    I just would like to ask what are the Textbooks used for Pathophysiology and Pharmacology at the UTArlington CON, online format? I appreciate it if someone can read and reply to this. Thank you.
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  3. by   adelam
    Go to the uta bookstore online, put in all of your class information and it will tell you what is required
  4. by   Imasocial
    Are you starting August 14th 2017?
  5. by   Daucus carota
    Will try it. Thank you Adelam.
  6. by   Daucus carota
    Yes ma'am, but Patho and Pharma will not be this semester. I am hoping for their Titles for me to have advanced reading and preparation for both courses.
  7. by   Imasocial
    Join our Facebook group.
  8. by   felicia925

    I took this class before and they are making me retake it because it's been 3 years, but you really do not need to buy any books.
  9. by   felicia925
    What's the group?
  10. by   Daucus carota
    Thank you for the tip, Felicia. But I just like to have advanced reading on both subjects.
  11. by   Imasocial
    Look us up, UT Arlington :August 2017 FNP cohort
  12. by   dfriedman02
    is that group for all nursing students or just NP students, thanks.
  13. by   Imasocial
    FNP student starting August 14 th 2017.
  14. by   tmldt1
    Hi everyone! I Live in Houston ,Tx and previous graduated from HCC Last year with Associate In Arts. I've completed Tech writing,Legacy of Family and Intro Nursing before the summer and now planning on taking patho and pharmacology starting September 4th.Im real nervous about taking them both at the same time cause I heard there tough courses.I really dont want to split them up and have to wait for next second application deadline way in June of 2018.Pluse to get financial aid you have to be at least in role half time wich is 6 hours.Ive completed all the other prerequisites.The only two left is patho&pharm.Should I go for it and study my butt off and take both at the same time. I'm 37 years old and ready to be out of school.My goal was to have my BSN before age 40.Had a,few setbacks in my life and changing my major twice. I finally decided on Nursing School.I would have taken these course early on with one of those other courses but you have to have General Chemistry 1 completed to take Patho&Pharm.I had intro to Chemistry wich didnt transfer so I had to do it this summer at my previous college so now Im clear to take them.Intro to Chemistry was my last course taken at HCC before graduation,so I was not up to taking General Chemistry 1 right after intro Chemistry.I was exhausted after that intro to Chemistry.The wait to take General Chemistry 1 has put me in a sticky situation now with having to take both of these course together now.