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University of South Alabama Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PHMNP) Summer 2020 Applicants

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Hi guys, it's my first post here in the forum.😋

I would like to know if anyone has applied for the incoming PHMNP program at the University of South Alabama?

I messaged the school and was told that the acceptance letter will be sent by mid-January. Crossing my fingers that I will be accepted.🤞

If there are any students here who are anticipating to be accepted, please let me know. 

I saw that the previous batch that is graduating this incoming 2020 made it through by creating a group on facebook. I think it's beneficial to have the same concept moving forward to help each other.

Anyone who applied, share your thoughts and if you are interested in being a part of a group that can help you through the program, please let me know!

Finally, has anyone started reaching for preceptors or clinical hours? I would like to learn your approach in dealing with this part of the program. 


Thanks and have a happy Holiday!😀

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