University of South Alabama NP program change

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I am currently in the dual role track FNP/AC program. Started Fall 2017, so this will be my second semester. Upon further research, since I have finally decided where I want to end up as a NP, I have been advised just the FNP certification will be enough. So, I do not need to go the second year for the Acute Care certification. I have contacted the enrollment program at the school to inquire on a program change, but was wondering if anyone else had completed a program change before. Is is better to switch now, or wait until I start NP clinicals in the Fall. I don't want them to postpone my clinical rotation since I am requesting a program change which will put me further out for graduation. Anyone have any experience with this?



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Who told you FNP was good enough? If you want to work inpatient then get your ACNP too. If not then continue what you were doing. Its total BS that FNPs can fill all roles equally, otherwise why have specialties at all?