University of San Francisco

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Greetings you guys! I've finished 70 units including all my pre-requisite coursework and i am hoping to transfer next year to some bay area schools. I currently work as a lab assistant and i've also worked as a phlebotomist for 8 years now. Aside from those factors i've also volunteered for certain health events and also to some community clean up events. However, my cumulative GPA isn't my strongest suit as i've scored a 3.25 overall since some biology classes pulled it down, as well as statistics (i used to be a biology major). Overall, i've heard that University of San Francisco looks for well rounded applicants aside from their GPA. Any thought and tips you guys? I'm anxious to get in next year and i would love some feedback.

Also what are your thoughts regarding Samuel Merritt University? I feel like i have a better shot at private schools this time due to my GPA issues.