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Hi everyone,

I had my nursing intake day today and UOP came out to talk to us. They are starting a new program with my ADN program where we can start our BSN classes after our first semester of our ADN.

During our winter and summer we would take their 5 week course on our campus. Then after we graduate with our ADN, we would have our bachelors 10 months later.

Which is great! But, I'm wondering if a bachelors from UOP looks bad for California CRNA or NP programs. I know it's not just your bachelors that is needed, I know you need experience, good GRE, good GPA etc.. But does anyone have any experience getting into a masters program with a BSN from UOP?

Thanks so much!

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Meme_RN18 is a ADN and specializes in ER.

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Hello! I am also looking into the uop RN to BSN possibly since two of the universities that I want to attend for PA school will honor the degree. I am currently set to start the RN program at RCC this spring. Have you made a decision yet?

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