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University Of Mount Olive RN to BSN is CCNE Accredited

by WantMyBSN2015 WantMyBSN2015 (New) New

I just spoke to the nicest person at UMO and talked about their RN to BSN. They are fully accredited by CCNE! They are 100% online, and you can transfer in all the prereqs from the community college, which is a cheaper than taking them at UMO. Who does that? Who tells potential students that they can go somewhere else and take the prereqs cheaper versus keeping the student at UMO to take the classes? A class act in education who cares about the nurses coming to them for their BSN, that's who! That was awesome to me! UMO is a top notch University for allowing us hard working RNs to get our BSN as cheaply as possible, by offering for us to transfer in everything except the major courses. Thank you UMO! You have my business based on that alone!