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University of Minnesota: Direct Entry MSN 2020

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by ash_alford ash_alford (New) New Pre-Student

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Hello everyone! I couldn’t find a thread for students applying for the Direct Entry MSN at the U of M for 2020 so I decided to get one going! My name is Ashante and I’m a Post-Bacc with a major in neuroscience! I’ve been working in a hospital in the mental health inpatient and emergency units since I graduated in 2018 and I’m really hoping to get into the U!

I also applied to Marquette and St. Kate’s DE MSN programs.

How about you guys? Where are you all coming from? How did the application process go for you? What are you most worried about in the admission process?


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jaredsmom specializes in Higher education.

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Hi Ashante,

Was going through looking for past forums when I fell on yours. There is actually another forum for the U and its Fall 2020 applicants. "University of Minnesota MSN Fall 2020"

I guess with different wordings, it will be hard for people to find each other...lol

To answer your questions, the application process was okay. I unfortunately do not have experience in the health field. My undergrad degree was in Biology, and my Masters in Education. I have been working as an Academic advisor since 2014. 

I always wanted to do Nursing, but since my undergrad GPA wasn't the best, I was intimidated. However, a lot has changed since I was in college and have decided to give it a try. I only applied to the U, therefore, I really need to get accepted.

Best of luck to us!

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