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University of Miami (UM) Accelerated BSN Application


Hello everyone,

Did anyone notice the accelerated BSN application has totally changed in this past week!!! I had started the Common Application but now its not needed and everything is done through the CAS application. They are also now allowing resumes and letters of recommendation (up to 6) in addition to the short personal statement. How is everyone feeling about this? Do you think it improves your chances or no? Looks like they admit 70 ABSN students for the spring and 70 for the summer.


I'm very nervous about the change to the NursingCAS. Miami's website states you only need one letter of rec but does that mean you should get 2 or more just to be safe? None of the other BSN programs I'm applying to requires that many letters. I like having other ways to show your non-academic qualifications through your CV/resume and a personal statement but these kinds of transitions always make me even more nervous than usual (which is saying something:( )