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University of Maryland School of Nursing: Student Profile?

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Hello all!

I am currently finishing up two degrees--one in family science. I was hoping to get into an accelerated nursing program or the program at the university of maryland. i will graduate with a 3.5 gpa. I have one D, and 2 C's on my transcript which really bother me (I was an architecture major up until my junior year). I still have a couple pre-req classes left to take. I have two health-related internships but that is about it. I was wondering what people's (who have gotten into the program or an accelerated program in maryland) profile were--GPA, experience, skills? I am feeling really discouraged at this point. I started off on the wrong foot, but have been pulling straight a's since. I dont know how good my chances are as i know these programs are competitive so it would be nice to know what admitted student profiles looked like.

Thank you!!

Following.... I did an online orientation and asked yesterday about student profiles and they couldn't tell me anything. I'm also curious to see what other admitted students stats have looked like.


I have sent you both a PM.. I hope that helps.

i couldnt reply to your message @bibirockz, but thank you so much! it definitely helped!