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University of Cincinnati-Accelerated MSN

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Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping to enter the Direct Entry MSN program at the University of Cincinnati in the summer.  I've reached out to the advisor about the schedule, but I haven't felt like I really have a good answer.  

I know that in the program I will absolutely have to work-I just don't have any way around it.  The program recommends not working more than 20hrs a week, which should be fine.  I'm trying to talk to my boss now about the transition, but I don't really have a grasp of the schedule, which is making it hard to plan.

Has anyone done this program?  What was the schedule like, really?  I believe the advisor told me that the first four weeks are going to be four days a week, all day and then the schedule gets a little more open.  What did that look like for some of you?  What did you do for work and how did you manage all of that?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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