University of Arizona MEPN Program


Hi Everyone,

I am applying to the UA MEPN Program in Arizona and was just wondering if anyone in the past has been admitted into the program with the minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA? I have a high prerequisite GPA, but my cumulative GPA is closer to the minimum and I have been a little discouraged recently especially since the average of those admitted in the past 3 years is a 3.2 and ranges from 3.1-4.0. :no: I know the cumulative GPA is only 20% of the score while prerequisite GPA is 40%. Do you think I have a chance???!


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Hi N4rse10,

I just started the application online for the summer 2016 program. It's hard to say if your GPA is competitive or not because it depends on how many apply to the Tucson and Phoenix cohort. I have a 3.4 cumulative and 3.4 prereq gpa. Which cohort did you apply to? Do you personally know any other applicant's?