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University of Akron deadline


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Hi. I am trying to apply to Univ of Akron's CRNA program and their deadline is August 1, 2011 for fall admission. Do they mean Fall 2011 or Fall 2012? I know most schools' application are accepted the year before the class starts. I know I could call them ( I did) but they are already closed. I am hoping somebody could answer it here soon coz I am freaking out. I still need to have my transcripts sent from overseas. If Aug 1 is indeed the deadline for Fall 2012 applications, I can't afford to waste a day. So are they currently accepting applications for entry into Fall 2011 or 2012? Thanks.:confused:

So, by now im sure you already have your answer but if you apply in august 2011 you will be applying for the june 2012 start, but that doesn't mean that they wont have you start taking core classes in January 2012 which is the norm..