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Univ of Pitt ~ computer type

by Marshalls_mom Marshalls_mom (New) New

Hi all

I am starting University of Pittsburgh's accelerated 2nd BSN in January. My current laptop is old and tired. I need to purchase a new one and want to use it on campus. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the size of a laptop? By size, I mean physical dimensions. I saw one classroom during the open house. I'm not sure if the accelerated students take classes with the traditional nursing students, but those desks/chairs looked rather small. I am wondering if a larger laptop would fit on the surfaces? I really appreciate the feedback.



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A 13 or 15 inch laptop should do you just fine. I have a 17" laptop that I've taken to classes a couple times, and it can be a balancing act. I wouldn't recommend one that size for classes, but it's good for a at-home sized laptop.